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In the beginning
Over the years I have been involved with several cultural and commercial assignments in digital media in different roles: editorial, functional and interaction design, strategy & concept,(e-)marketing, project management and teamlead. Before I was active in theatre and television. In this period I produced and directed several theaterproductions.

Also I worked together with Bram Van Splunteren of the VPRO (national TV), both editorial and as a presentor in a docu-drama.
And in those days, suddenly, Kees Hin asked me to play the main role in his feature film, ‘Schaduwrijk’
based on a script of Kaas Schippers.

At the end of this period I took on a study and training for the design and management of interactive and ICT projects.


Recently I was able to work together with Josephine Dorado and The Waag to find new formats mixing LIVE interactive TV and media contained in the environment of Second Life, called Kids Connect.

Currently I develop ‘Future Memory of Chernobyl”, an interactive documentary based on classic Ukraine stories and the narratives of participating youngsters with a focus on the regenerative power of the earths soil and the human soul. A central location in this work is the Red Wood Forrest.
This natural environment is still highly contaminated but alive with an unique diversity of plant and animal species due to the absence of humans over the last 20 years.

Last year I was hired to be the co-working team lead of the design team of attending to several projects for ASN Bank (and Friesland Bank and SNS) , Reed, an auction environment and 2.0 websites for housing corporations, Autotelegraaf and Volkskrant.

I organized a debate in the Balie, January 2009 on the topic of complementary monetary alternative systems.


Back in time
In 1995, I joined Mediamatic. There I worked as a co-working project manager (editorial, concept & interaction design, e-marketing) focusing on interactive media; mostly interactive publishing assignments and also responsible for a program of the Rabobank to realize several websites with distinct communication objectives. In 1996 the first online banking application of the Rabobank was realized by Mediamatic.

At Mediamatic, I developed a training program to familiarize designers, writers and film makers with these media. In addition, I organized Future Moves
a symposium and workshop bringing together theatre makers, architects, film makers, composers and interaction designers in Rotterdam.

From 1998 onward I worked as the co-working head of the interactive design department at a major communications firm (PLEION); mainly working for (semi-) governmental (interactive) campaigns. Thereafter I, shortly, worked as head of design at a pioneering ‘dotcom’ (CLOCKWORK).

Starting my own business in Amsterdam in 2000 I concentrated mainly on non-profit, cultural, interactive media projects. A very interesting project was the creation of an interactive, digital story-space as an interactive learning environment for kids, using ubiquitous devices.

This approach, ubicomp, thoroughly integrates the human-computer interaction into playful objects and activities called POGO.

I developed and produced the working prototype of XYnet and took care of the functional design and the editorial concept with the challenge in mind to publish on the mobile phone and the internet. The objective of XYnet is to match and map people, places and -cultural and grassroot- programs. In Oud-West, a neighborhood in Amsterdam, XYnet was used by groups of youngsters and for the publisher of the weekly cultural magazine NL(20/10 etc) a prototype was designed based on the XYnet (software) architecture.

For several years I taught a course in audio-visual and interaction design at AKI (the art- and design academy in Enschede, The Netherlands). In addition, I set up a minor-program, jointly offered by AKI and UT (the University of Twente). These minors were designed to research and analyze the relevance and significance of divers cultural backgrounds and cultural heritage for mixed audiences joining in -online- social networks .

Coordinating the development of the Digital Atelier for ArtEZ, a merger of three art academies in the East of Holland, I worked with a project team on an online space created for around two thousand art- and design students. The students would publish their works in progress in this online environment. They were supported by editorial content and articles concerning the interdisciplinary relationships between the arts and digital media:‘A.DA’.

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